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The app is an online journal that collects showbiz news and rumors from various blogs, websites, and platforms. Each article is marked with its source and contains a link to go to the original page for more info. It also features a gallery of photos and vids from paparazzi and events, personal blogs, and other sources. You can even set up push notifications on the names of celebs you’re interested in and get the latest updates.

Unlike other showbiz news apps, this one covers both movie stars and the elites, but it’s more about the real stuff rather than the gossips. Its articles are often written to highlight the positive side of celebs. However, some of the news articles are scathing and contain strong language that may hurt or offend the celebrities.

This celebrity news app is an official partner of the TMZ TV channel. It delivers local news based on your location as well as national and international headlines. This app also shows you the current weather conditions in your area and offers a forecast if available. The news is updated often, though sometimes non-local articles find their way into the local section. It also has a dedicated political, sports, and technology section in addition to entertainment.

It’s a fun and easy-to-use app that lets you see breaking news from around the world. It’s free to download and has a very modern design that feels clean and simple to use. It has an excellent filter system that allows you to filter out sources and articles you don’t want to read. Its news stories are updated regularly, but it takes a little longer than some other news apps to refresh their content.

It is a mobile version of a popular self-titled magazine that is famous for its celebrity gossips. It features a variety of celebrity and general news that is updated on a regular basis. The app has a lot of content that may be offensive to some users, and the comment sections are often full of hate and bullying. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest celebrity news.

It’s a very popular showbiz news app that offers the most recent and exclusive news about celebs. The articles are usually sourced from top media outlets, and it has an extensive search engine that you can use to look for specific topics or celebs. It’s free to download and has ads, but you can purchase a premium subscription for $6.99 per month that removes them. The news is updated frequently and it’s very easy to browse through articles. The photos and videos are of very high quality and the app is a good choice for those who love to follow celebrity news. You can also watch TV shows and movies through the app. The interface is user-friendly and you can customize your settings to suit your preferences. It’s an excellent alternative to the more traditional E! and other sexy celebrity news apps.