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One of the easiest organizational hacks for small spaces is to add shelves. This is a very simple solution but it may require some creative thinking if you’re working with a tight space. You might also consider installing corner shelving, which can accentuate the space’s structural elements and create more surface area.

Wall hooks

One of the simplest ways to organize a small room is to install hooks. A blank wall can become a dropzone with two sets of hooks on either side of it. Lower hooks make it easy for kids to hang their own things. Then, a set of hooks in the center can be used to hang a backpack.

Small space organization hooks can be found in many different designs and styles. These dot hooks by Muuto are a great example. They are repositionable, so you can hang more or fewer at the same time. They can also be placed at different levels for the kids. You can also use wall hooks to keep your jewelry organized. They can also be custom made to fit any decor style.

Hooks are useful in many rooms. They can hold a wide range of items, from purses to backpacks. They are also available in multiple-pronged versions to hold larger items. Hooks can be made from many different materials, but the most common are iron or steel. The former is usually lacquered or powder-coated and resists rust. The latter is typically made of brass or bronze.