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french salt

A Salt Source That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Fleur de Seul is an old classic French salt well known throughout Europe and the world. The salt’s production has been going on for centuries and is not a new industry; but the method, or rather the lack of methods used have kept it from becoming ever more widely known and popular in the United States. In spite of this lack of success, the fleur de sel has grown to be an important part of many households, from being almost a national symbol of France to being a staple kitchen ingredient. But why is it so loved?

A closer look at its origins reveals that this salt is actually an amalgam of many different salts. Many of these have notes of either fennel thyme, garlic or anise. The addition of any of these ingredients changes the flavor of the liquid, which is why the salt is known as “salt of the sea.” In fact, the word “sea” actually originates from the ancient Greeks’ belief that the sea was home to mythical creatures like mermaids, meridians of all shapes and sizes, and monsters such as dragons.

For this reason, salt has always been seen as a way to add some extra zest to the dish you are preparing. For example, cooks in early America used sea salt to help season their meals. This is a far cry from today’s mass produced culinary products where sodium chloride is the primary salt used. Another way that the flavor of the French salt is lost is due to its pungent flavor, which has a very strong smell. While salty shakers are an accepted part of kitchens in almost every country, the smell of salt is something that should only be experienced.

A typical garnish for French cooking is a slice of warm fish, such as cod or haddock. Many people use fleur de lis to finish off their fish presentations, but it is not unheard of for chefs to add the four set to a fillet instead. Fleur de lis is created by melting butter or clarified butter with white wine in order to create a pearl like finish that adorns seafood. It is rare that this technique is used to finish the meat of the fish, but for French salt lobster preparation this technique is common.

The saltiness of the dish can be enhanced even more by the addition of a topping, such as our one year warranty lamb shank. This mixture of shank, mushrooms, celery, bacon, mushrooms, chicken, sausage, potato, and corn provides a heavy helping of saltiness that will make your meal memorable. Also consider an assortment of fresh tomatoes, salads, fish, or meat. Our French salt flat bread with garlic breadcrumbs, our fish filet with leek steak topping is another tasty combination that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

French food and cooking have developed a bit over the centuries, so many techniques and ingredients are shared among countries and regions. But because the flavors of the region and country are so often different, sometimes the techniques used need to be adjusted. One of the techniques we have developed as well as one of the best selling products is our fleur de lis salt. It was named after the city of Tours in southern France, where it originated. Touraine is known for its rich and creamy white cheese, so when you mix it with our de sel French sea salt, you end up with an amazingly rich combination that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. It also goes great with fresh tomatoes, salads, fish, meat, and vegetables.

Fleur de lis salt has a very rich salty taste, almost like that of a black sea salt with hints of minerals and sulfates. It goes great on eggs, omelets, fish, pasta, burgers, turkey, and vegetables. It can even be added to soups or stews for that extra flavor. It is a great alternative to table salt and can help reduce blood pressure and high blood sugar.

It is important not to use table salt on a regular basis, as the minerals in table salt begin to break down over time and lose their taste. The same goes for fleur de lis salt crystals, which will lose their natural taste over time, but never lose their flavor. We recommend using fleur de lis salt crystals to season our foods at least once a year, as they are a superior alternative that will leave your taste buds pleased.