There are more and more dance schools currently appearing on the map, but what is surprising to me is that many of these schools have unqualified dance teachers in them. Here are some reasons why it's so important to make sure the person teaching you to dance is qualified.

As a paying consumer, don't you want to know that you are getting the best value for money? When you see your doctor, you are sure he or she is qualified and knows what he is doing. You can also enroll to RSM dance school & additional classes to get the best dance lessons.

Most of the professions have strict regulations regarding their education and qualifications as this can harm consumers if these are not regulated. How could the dance and fitness industry not be so tightly controlled?

It takes years of dance education. Most of the instructors have been dancing for about five or six years. Once you have decided on your lessons, you will need to complete a series of courses covering anatomy, injury prevention, and understanding of music, corporate governance, and in-depth knowledge of the relevant dance program for which you specialize.

Most dance authorities have established rules and regulations for their teachers and are constantly updating their curriculum and dance knowledge. Teachers are expected to attend classes regularly to keep up with the latest dance trends.

A good dance organization also knows what types of training work and what is safe for training a young body. This knowledge is passed on to their teachers so that they can in turn relate to their students and teach to the highest standards.