Video marketing is climbing in popularity because companies are realizing how useful it can be to communicate with customers in new, more personal ways. If you have not thought about using video to market your brand, now is the time. 26% of Internet users seeking more information after seeing video ads.

One popular technique for video marketing involves the use of whiteboard animation. You may have seen this kind of video online at some point in the last few years, and they have proven to be an effective form of communication. Whiteboard video animation is a perfect way to make complicated ideas seem very simple so that it is easier to understand. You can find out more about whiteboard video through

Here are two common types of whiteboard videos that can be made:

# 1. Visual Whiteboard

This technique is one of my favourites. It basically involves the following camera hands of an artist around the whiteboard, as the artist draws a picture that visually complements the video story. Video is then "accelerated" during post-production to synchronize with audio narration.

# 2. One Person Shown

This video is exactly what they sound like – just a person standing in front of the whiteboard, describing himself as he gives some sort of explanation. These are great because they combine a personal, human presence with visuals via the whiteboard.