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fleur de sel

What Is Fleur De Sor?

Fleur de sels or fleur de sel is a salty salt which forms as an intricate thin, translucent crust on the bottom surface of sea water as it evaporates to the air. Fleur de sels is collected today from saltwater beaches all over the world and is still a commonly used salve and purgent. It is also used in the manufacture of candles, as well as in the decorative arts. Fleur de sels is formed when calcium carbonate combines with magnesium chloride to produce sodium chloride. It combines beautifully with other minerals for its distinctive, salty taste.

The fleur de sel fleur de celery growing on top of the ocean bed is very salty because it is constantly exposed to seawater. As it evaporates, however, the crystal-like structure of the fleur de sel breaks down and flakes off into the salty air. It is the fleur de sel crystals which are harvested, and are used to make salt and deodorant products such as shampoos and conditioners. Some sea salts are actually fleur de sel mixed with table salt, making a deodorant which also provides extra minerals and sea salt production. Others have large crystals added which have a very fine, even grain.

When sea water evaporates, it leaves behind larger particles which settle on the beach. These fine grains of sand, along with minerals such as magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and iron sulfate, become saturated with water and form black dots on the flat surface of the seawater. This is known as the “salt pan” or “salt panned.” Many areas in Southern France including around Caen have salt pans which are used for the drying of clothes.

Because the fleur de sel harvesting takes place at sea, the harvesting is done in a controlled environment, controlled to match the evaporation rate of the sea water. The process is much like the sand dunes found in desert regions. As the water evaporates, the larger particles of salt crystals are swept away into the sea water. Those smaller crystal beads which are heavier are swept away by the water into open spaces which will be picked up by the nets. These sea salt crystals are then harvested for use as fleur de sel products.

As the water evaporates from the sea water, the heavier particles move into the atmosphere with the air particles. In the absence of evaporation, the heavier particles are left behind in the form of fine dust which settles on beaches. The fine sea salt crystals settle on different places on different beaches throughout the world. This provides a source of fleur de sel products which can be collected by using nets.

As the sun rises and sets in the morning and evening, the evaporation process is repeated throughout the day. The fleur de sel is dried in open air and then collected by hand into small packets. All the drying is done manually. The drying is usually done in the sun for at least twelve hours and sometimes overnight.

After collecting the fleur de sel, all the wet top layer is removed and the dry top layer is applied to the body of the clothes. The clothes are then ironed. Once ironed, the clothes are washed in warm water and dried at the lowest temperature possible. The material is then finished in accordance with European standards.

Fleur de mer is one of the most delicate fabrics with a soft and velvety texture. It has a unique elegance to it that even the most expensive designer clothing cannot compete with. It is available in various colors and styles. One of the best features of this fabric is its soft and silky feel which makes it very comfortable to wear. So, if you want to impart a luxurious touch to your clothes or your bags, then fleur de mer is what you should go for.