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For centuries, the Dead Sea has been used as a health and beauty treatment by many people all over the world. It is also used as a source of salt and minerals for the production of cosmetics and various health products. With its many health benefits as well as being a popular natural skin care treatment, many people are starting to realize the potential for using Dead Sea salt for psoriasis and other skin disorders. Although the use of Dead Sea salts in skin treatment dates back to biblical times, it was not until much recently that scientists realized the healing properties of the salt. Using a systematic approach, they have been able to identify the most beneficial combinations of vitamins and minerals that are needed to bring relief to psoriasis sufferers.

dead sea salt for psoriasis

Before you begin using Dead Sea salts for psoriasis, you should be aware of the basic information on psoriasis and the elements that cause it. Psoriasis is an incurable, chronic skin condition that causes new skin cells to build very rapidly, creating scales over the affected areas of the body. The cause of the overproduction of new skin cells is still not completely established, although some factors such as genetics, infections, or trauma to the epidermis can trigger psoriasis. It usually affects the scalp, elbows, knees, and shoulders. Because the skin is composed mostly of water, the toxins and pollutants that can build up in your body cannot be properly eliminated, which in turn leads to the condition.

If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, then you know that it can cause extreme irritation to your skin, making it feel itchy and uncomfortable almost every day. There are two types of symptoms that you will experience when you are infected with psoriasis – redness and itching. If you are using Dead Sea Salt for psoriasis, then you can greatly reduce the symptoms you will feel with just one week of daily use. This is one of the many reasons why this salt is so effective when it comes to skin care.

You may experience redness over the affected areas of your skin. Redness will often accompany other symptoms such as itching and dryness. There may also be inflammation and swelling of these areas. To help alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing, you should add extra virgin olive oil to your bath water at least once a week.

Along with the use of the Dead Sea salt for psoriasis, you will also benefit from the minerals and nutrients found in this salt. One mineral that you will want to keep an eye out for is potassium. Potassium plays an important role in keeping your skin hydrated. Since there is too much moisture on your skin when you have psoriasis, you will find that when you drink a glass of milk or even when you eat potatoes and it gets into your pores that the potassium level in your body will be lowered. By drinking extra water, you will dilute the potassium level in your body. By taking a supplement with Dead Sea salts, you will increase your intake of potassium which will help to keep your skin hydrated.

The Dead Sea salt treatment for psoriasis will also give you other benefits such as the increase of vitamin D and an increase in collagen. This will help to smooth your skin over time. Another added benefit is that when your skin starts to heal, you will notice that the symptoms of psoriasis will start to subside. By using these treatments regularly, you will notice that your symptoms start to subside.

There are other benefits of using these types of products as well, which includes using them as a natural topical cream. Since they are so rich in essential oils, you can use these to eliminate your psoriasis symptoms right on the spot. Just by massaging the cream along the affected areas, you will begin to see results quickly. By mixing some black seed oil with olive oil and using this as a topical cream, you can cure your psoriasis symptoms right on the spot.

All of these great benefits come from using a product that contains Dead Sea salts and other healing essential oils. These products will penetrate deep into the layers of the skin keeping it moisturized and free from dryness. As it penetrates, it will neutralize the toxins that the psoriasis has caused. Once this process is complete, you will find that the symptoms of the disease will begin to subside.