Did you know that cooking releases millions of microscopic fat particles that are transported in the air and can stick to almost any surface through a process known as thermal plating? Impressive, right? While this also applies to commercial kitchens, it is also true for home cooking. What should one do to make a household oil-free?

The quick answer is the range hood. This buster must eliminate all your ventilation problems. When buying a hood, there are many points that must be considered. You can also look for the best commercial kitchen exhaust hood online.

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The hood is available in various designs. The most common are tile hoods, stainless steel, and cladding. Before leaving the house, first, determine which of them will go with the other items in the kitchen. Take it from us: it is worthwhile to prepare.

Think about the ventilation system in your commercial kitchen. You don't need a remote hood if you have a large window right next to the stove.  A little-sized range hood will do.

The two types of hoods are range hoods and vent hoods (or hoods without ventilation). The first is more complicated because, among other things, it requires a connection to the exhaust fan.

The circulating aspirator, second, is less complex, but also the least efficient of the two. Range hoods can do more than just keep the kitchen cool while cooking – they also keep the air fresh and free of oil.