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If you are planning a trip to Grygla, Minnesota, you may want to check out the places listed below. If you want to spend a day or weekend exploring the area, these places may be of interest to you. The list includes places within 100 miles of Grygla, MN.

Fourtown Grygla Sportsmans Club

The Fourtown Grygla Sportsmans Club was founded in the 1960s and has evolved into one of the most active sportsmens clubs in the Northwest Minnesota region. The organization has more than 60 family and individual memberships and maintains over 240 miles of snowmobile trails. The group has also completed a project proposal to build and maintain 182 miles of ATV trails in Beltrami County.

Fourtown Grygla Hotel

When planning your trip to Grygla, MN, you may be wondering if there are any major cities nearby. The center of the nearest major cities is located just 130 miles away. These large cities have convenient airports that you can use to make your flight bookings. Or you can look for nearby towns that are within a four-hour drive.

In the past, the area was impacted by several major events. A devastating flood in 1919 destroyed roads, bridges, and crops in the area. Many farmers were forced to sell their cattle due to lack of hay. In 1931, a forest fire in the area destroyed homes east of Grygla and destroyed the Fourtown store. The fire also claimed two lives. In the 1950s, another major flood destroyed many roads and bridges, as well as property in the area. This was one of the wettest seasons in the area’s history.

Fourtown Grygla Motel

Located in the heart of the beautiful northern Minnesota countryside, the Fourtown Grygla Motel is a great place to stay during a visit to the region. The town is easily accessible by State Highway 89 and County Road 54. State Highway 1 and State Highway 219 are also nearby. The town is a small community with an unmatched sense of community.