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A natural wonder mineral? Himalayan Pink Salt, also known as Pink Salt of the Gods is said to be more than just a bog-standard seasoning used by people in olden times. Despite being regarded as purely natural, pink salt’s identifying pink coloration is in fact down to the increased presence of a number of impurities included in the crystals. These impurities range from sulfur to magnesium and can prove damaging to certain skin types.

pink salt

One of the most common contaminants found in the mineral is lead, which can prove harmful to the health of infants and young children. It is believed that the pink color of Himalayan pink salt was first developed by traders as a way of identifying their products in Asian markets. In addition to this, there are also other trace elements including uranium and tin that can prove harmful to the human body if taken in large quantities. The presence of these trace elements in products from natural resources like the Himalayan pink Himalayan salt mine has caused a push towards mining for additional sources so as to replenish supplies.

However, the trace elements in pink Himalayan salt do not only provide dietary and medicinal benefits. They can also prove highly beneficial for our bodies in terms of energy, weight loss, immunity and stress reduction. As with regular salt, the minerals in the pink salt have been proven to help lower blood pressure and enhance general mental and physical health. In fact, studies carried out on laboratory animals have shown that minerals can stimulate the immune system, improve blood circulation and even reduce fatigue. Other minerals found in pink Himalayan salts include potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, sodium, selenium, phosphorus and calcium.

While it is not possible to attribute the increased popularity of pink salt lamps to any single factor, it is certainly an encouraging sign. After all, the ancient healing tradition of rubbing the body with salt is a practice that is still widely held in many cultures. Perhaps the availability of these products has helped lift awareness of these traditional health benefits. It is also worth remembering that people from various cultures have been using this product for ages. No one is saying that it is an inferior product to those used by a modern doctor but there is definitely no denying that health benefits of pink salt lamps can be enjoyed by everyone.

One of the many reasons why pink salt is better than regular table salt is that it contains more trace elements. Each of the minerals mentioned here has a significant mineral content that can be useful to our overall health. Iron is one such mineral that is often found in trace elements. This mineral is essential for the production of hemoglobin, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen around the body. Although the mineral has many other important functions, it is especially important in relation to iron deficiencies and anaemia.

The source of the salt is also important. It can be obtained from nature or it can be artificially mined from deposits around the world. The latter is much more prevalent and popular as the natural mined version tends to be a mixture of contaminants, such as iron and manganese. Artificial mined pink salt tends to be mined from veins in the mountains and has no trace elements in it. As a result, the salt does not have any benefits for the body.

Another benefit of this mineral is that it can provide relief to sufferers of sore throats and coughs. Sore throats are often the result of ingesting foreign particles, such as garlic or onions. Another common illness that can lead to a sore throat is influenza. In fact, there are numerous strains of influenza, each having different symptoms and requiring different remedies. One of the benefits of the mineral called Himalayan pink salt is that it contains a variety of minerals, including calcium, chromium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and selenium.

If you suffer from colds, hay fever or allergies, you should consider taking a daily dose of this mineral. In addition to treating sore throats, it can also help to clear the sinuses and nasal passages and relieve congestion of the ears. If you suffer from arthritis, eczema or inflammation of the joints, then this salt will provide relief. As a general rule, you should drink one glass of Himalayan pink salt each day and you will find that your symptoms improve quickly.