There are lots of methods that builders use to employ masonry sealers. When applying any masonry sealer clear to vertical surfaces the force of gravity will pull down the chemical as it's applied to the surface of the masonry.

So to start the saturation coating' program, the installer will gently spray atomized sealer throughout the surface of the masonry starting from the bottom to the top.

This helps to break the surface tension of the wall and supply a damp surface where the flood coat will absorb faster and deeper into the masonry pores.

It's unlikely that a normal contractor will know of those techniques. When hiring someone to employ a masonry sealer don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

As you can see from this program explanation, a knowledgeable contractor will use more stuff and spend more time giving competent support. This will assure you of the best possible installation.

Not only will a capable installation improve the functioning of the sealer, but it can also and many times will transcend its' advertised claims!

Additionally, it may mean longer intervals between programs and above all, reduced price. You as the final customer of the product will then be more joyful and no doubt drier for the experience.