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black truffle salts

Make Delicious Black Truffle Salts

A perennial in both the culinary and cosmetic world, black truffle is a classic that has enjoyed a variety of different settings throughout time. Its earthy and spicy flavor is often described as resembling a delicate morsel of musky sea salt with a hint of licorice. White truffles on the other hand, has a softer and more subtle aroma and typically has a gentler flavor. Truffles also have a reputation for being very rich and full-bodied, and this description fits truffles well. The following article is written to introduce and discuss the three common varieties of black truffle, white truffle and truffles made from mold:

Aspergillus or sometimes referred to as simply as Aspergillus is a hard wood-like hard wood from the Aspen shrub that grows abundantly in France, northern Italy and Switzerland. The natural color of this wood is black and the wood tends to be less porous than most saffron or sappy woods found in the world. It has a unique, licorice-like licorice aroma that many find irresistible when it is used in food. This variety of black truffle salt is also available in white, which is another great option if you are on a diet because it is low in fat.

Trappletonis or sometimes called French white, is a relatively new variety of black truffle salts and is a cross between the real truffles and white sugar. The result is a sweet, salty, and slightly bitter combination that has a very strong licorice taste but is not as bitter as its counterpart. This one does not have as much flavor as its counterparts and can actually be a good sweetener if you do not like licorice. It has a subtle sweetness that works well with many dishes.

Tuscan Sea Salt Another sweet variety of Italian black truffle salts is the Tuscan Sea Salt. This is the most common variety of salt that is sold today and has a very distinct flavor of its own. The salt is typically harvested from the seas around Tuscany during the late summer and fall. It is then ground and sold in different forms that are very pleasing to the palate. It can be sprinkled over foods like pasta, salads, rice, desserts, and more.

Italian Black Pepper Another good variety of Italian black truffle salt is the Italian black truffle salt that comes in different variations. These include Italian Style Pepper, Milanese Pepper, Sicilian, Piedmont, and Tuscan. All of these are ground and contain their own unique flavors and can even be adjusted to add more flavor to any recipe when needed. These are popular extras to use in cooking when needed and make for an excellent addition to any pantry shelf.

Belgian Blue Truffle The flavor of this variety of black truffle varies according to what region it comes from, but it is generally considered to be a lighter variety than the other options. This is because it does not have as much “dust” on it due to the lack of being harvested in the region where the ore is mined. It is also harvested with a lower intensity of heat, so the resulting flavor can remain fresh for longer. Because of its light flavor, it often pairs well with fruit or cheese based dishes.

Roasted Mushrooms One great way to enjoy the rich and robust flavors of these gems is by roasting them. Typically, black truffles are made by baking them in an oven or outside at a campfire. This allows the natural flavors to come to the surface and will help release their full flavor. Depending on the variety, some mushrooms may require to be roasted longer than others. If you have never tried roasted mushrooms, give them a try by roasting one variety in advance of your main dish and see how they fare.

Whether you eat them cold or warm, black truffle salt is a versatile and delicious ingredient that will enhance the taste of many different foods. They pair well with cheese, meats, vegetables, and starchy dishes. They are also a great alternative to buying expensive caviar at the store because they are so much cheaper. You can buy small amounts and store them in your cupboard to enjoy when you need a bit of something to perk up your meal.