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High authority backlinks can be one of the most coveted 4th ranking factors by Google. SEO expert Neil Patel states that they are perhaps the most powerful ranking factor in Google search. And it only stands to reason: good backlinks to a site are the cornerstone on which Google is built. The more backlinks a site gets, the higher its PageRank (PR). Having high PR is crucial for any site because this means the site is deemed more valuable by Google. So the more backlinks a site has the more popular it becomes.

The first step towards getting high quality backlinks is finding good relevant blogs in your niche. You need to find blog posts that are related to your niche but also contain links back to your site. This way, if Google scans your site for new blog posts, your links will be high quality and also the link back to your site from the blog post will count as a natural backlink to your site.

The second step is submitting your articles to various article directories. This is a great pro tip that I’ve adapted from my own experience. Write a few of these each week and submit them to the top article directories such as GoArticles, ArticleBase and Articlelings. Remember that you should write original articles so that you are given the best chance of being noticed by the search engines. It is well worth reading for some keyword research tools such as the Overture keyword suggestion tool and Wordtracker so that you know what terms are most likely to be searched for in Google.

The third step is to make sure that you have set up your blog correctly in the search engines. This may take some time to get right so you should make a few practice posts first to see how easy it is to make the links work. For example, if you haven’t used Google’s Chrome extension then this may not work to get you backlinks from Chrome. To fix this, just install the Chrome extension and the links from Google will automatically work.

Finally, I want to talk about some ways to increase the number of null links that point to your blog or website. One very easy way to increase the amount of inurl links is to create keywords that are very relevant to your site and then use an inurl bookmarking site to get backlinks from other webmasters who have chosen similar keywords as you. For example, if you were writing about pet care, then you could use the phrase “pet care” as your keyword and then add a link to an authority pet care page on Google or one of the other big indexing sites. You would effectively be creating lots of null links that point to your site and this is one way of increasing the authority of your website in the search engines.

There are lots of other ways of boosting your inurl link profile but inurl link round-up is probably one of the easiest and most effective. Basically you just choose five keyword phrases that are most related to your niche and then write an article with these five words as the main body and a couple of times a paragraph for each keyword. You then submit your article to the article directories, and each article that you publish will pick up one of your keywords automatically as an anchor text. This is a great way to boost the amount of backlinks coming to your site and it’s very easy to do if you have a good article directory or a good writing skillset.

Another way of getting links to your site is through the various social media channels. Basically, you join the social networks that are related to your particular topic and then you start creating useful links. For example, if your niche is to travel, then you could join Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. You can also create useful links from these social sites to your inurl links that point to your site. If you have a blog or a Squidoo page, you can even create a page dedicated to generating useful links.

The final step is to write an interesting article about your keyword and then send it to infopublishing directories. In the article you simply include a link to your site at the bottom of the page and explain why the information is valuable to customers. There are a lot of popular article submission directories but I suggest you avoid the ones that charge fees and focus instead on those that are free to use. As long as you write an interesting and informative article, chances are search engines will pick it up and give it some exposure and that will get you some free authority backlinks!