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The French have been known for their love for salt and the fleur de sel is just one of their top picks. Fleur De Seul has a long and honorable history in France and other parts of Europe. Named after the city of Orleans, fleur de sel is harvested from the coasts of Corsia, Turkey and Greece and is still carried on to this day by the people of these areas. The Greeks also used this salt in their everyday cooking, but the real reason that people started collecting it in the first place was for the elegant texture that it had when it was freshly gathered from the sea. It has an intense salty taste that is somewhat metallic in nature.

french salt

Many recipes have called for fleur de sel, such as those using eggs, bacon or ham. But many chefs are starting to take note of the different qualities of salts and are starting to use it more in cooking and baking recipes to bring out the flavor of the ingredients and the way it enhances the meal. The texture of this type of salt is often described as coarse, but not too heavy, and it is said to resemble rock salt. When purchasing it, be sure to always keep the content of sodium chloride at a level that your body can handle so that you do not cause unnecessary side effects.

Today, there are many different salts on the market and one of them is the fleur sel from France. This product comes in different variations, such as white fleur sel, rose fleur sel, cream fleur sel and chocolate fleur sel. But no matter which one you choose, you will definitely enjoy the luxurious flavor that it brings to any type of dish that you cook or bake. It can be used in soups, stews and even as a seasoning for meats and fish.